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As an AI Developer, your role is pivotal in developing AI models and scalable solutions that address specific business needs. You will have the opportunity to work cross-functionally to understand business requirements and develop AI solutions. You will perform research and testing to develop machine-learning algorithms and predictive models. Utilizing big data computation and storage tools you will create prototypes and datasets. You’ll also be responsible for conducting model training and evaluation, and continuously optimizing AI 
algorithms and models for improved performance and efficiency. You’ll work within a greater team of EDI and Boomi developers, contributing to the organization's success.

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What is your mission?

You will provide the best service to our partner brands by performing these tasks:

  • Design, develop, and implement AI and machine learning models to address specific business needs and challenges.
  • Collect, clean, and preprocess data to make it suitable for AI model training and analysis.
  • Choose appropriate algorithms and techniques for specific AI tasks, such as classification, regression, or natural language processing.
  • Train and fine-tune AI models using large datasets to achieve high accuracy and performance.
  • Conduct rigorous testing and validation of AI models to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  • Integrate AI solutions into existing software systems or applications, ensuring seamless operation.
  • Continuously optimize AI algorithms and models for improved performance and efficiency.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand business requirements and translate them into AI solutions.
  • Maintain comprehensive documentation of AI models, code, and processes for reference and knowledge sharing.
  • Address and resolve challenges and issues that may arise during AI model development and deployment.
  • Adhere to ethical AI practices and data privacy guidelines, ensuring responsible and compliant AI development.
  • Stay updated with the latest AI research and technologies to apply innovative solutions to business problems.
  • Other duties and projects as assigned. 

Who are we looking for?

  • 1-3 years of practical or professional experience in AI and machine learning development, including experience in managing AI projects and teams.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or similar preferred.
  • Proficiency in various AI and ML technologies, frameworks, and tools such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, or other AI development libraries.
  • Strong programming skills in languages commonly used in AI development, such as Python and R.
  • Requires the ability to effectively deal with ambiguity and creatively develop processes to aid efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • Must have initiative, be resourceful, able to work independently without a lot of guidance.
  • Must be able to effectively prioritize, manage time and projects, and multi-task in a fast-paced, growing company environment. 
  • Requires fluency in English with good verbal and written skills. 
  • Must be able to effectively collaborate with all levels of management and staff in a diverse, global environment. 
  • Must be proficient in the MS Office Suite of software.
  • Thrive under our core AMMEX values.

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